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We encounter print products every day, everywhere. They are useful, beautiful, important, convenient and practical. They are such a normal part of our lives that we no longer even think about them. In the graphic arts industry, offset printing (sheet fed/web fed) is clearly in the lead. The printing industry has made innovative leaps in the past decade. The automation and digital management of presses has come about in a manner parallel to the digitalization of pre-press.


Design world integrates images with typography to achieve a unified form that builds communication. Designing process requires conceptualization and organization of content, image creation and colour selection, typographic composition, grid structures, and integration of type with pictures and illustrations for a cohesive, unified editorial experience, making it comforting to read, yet lively enough to continually engage the viewer.


The online world is constantly evolving. The users access to more information more quickly. There is a great demand professionals with expertise in both design and programming aspects of web technologies. This course is designed to give the candidates the knowledge and skills to build creative, interactive and well designed web sites; to edit and update pages, to find the domain and upload the website to a web server.


There is the desire in every established organization to attain success in all its endeavors. These desires are the foundational ingredients which give rise to the systems and structures put in place to realize these dreams. And DB IGACT has always been treading confidently in the direction of its dreams. The success stories offered in this section demonstrate how our students have proved themselves successful in making our dream a reality.

Featured Articles
Daniel ConnellAustralian Visual Artist
IGACT is one of the best colleges I have seen in India.The professionalism is reflected in the way college is maintained.The design and vision of this college is unique and to be celebrated.That it is training young minds to be creative and compassionate in the fields of design is remarkable.
Joe AtallahDirector - Esposa, Lebanon

It is my pleasure always and everyday to spread Don Bosco spirit wherever I am. Thank you for giving me the chance to share my experiences and ideas with your students. I felt really the Salesian Family Spirit in IGACT.

Joaquim D’Souza SDBFormer Regional Councillor – South Asia .

It is highly praiseworthy that the youngsters trained in IGACT are doing well in their professional life. Congratulations to you and all concerned.

Pascual Chavez SDBFormer Rector Major, Salesians of Don Bosco.

I am happy to know that for the past several years you have been training youngsters in Printing Technology, and those trained by you are doing well in life.

Leela MenonMidday Times.

The institute is serving a great cause, preparing students effectively in printing and graphics. They are indeed filling a great vacuum in the media field, giving really capable man power to the communication arena.

K. M. MathewMalayala Manorama.
The work done by DB IGACT is praiseworthy. I am sure your graduates are doing well in the institutions where they are employed.
K. J. Thomas SDBDB Technical Institute,Lucknow.

May God bless the institution and all its staff and students to continue for years to come the good work it is doing.

Devassy Kollumkudy SDBFormer Secretary - KCBC Media Commission.

Quality and excellence in training imparted by DB IGACT is certainly helping the printing industry through the outstanding performance of the past pupils of the institute.

Mounia, France

I am really delighted to see the works you are doing to help youngsters in giving them a chance to have a better future. I am glad that I have met you all.

Mieke, Germany

I am really happy to see the selfless and joyful works of you all. I am highly impressed by the way you are carrying it out. Thank you for making a change.